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Our favourite tools we personally use and recommend.

Body tape measure helps getting accurate measurements, when you’re sewing solo, with no help to hold the tape.  It has a slot to put one end of the tape in, then press the recall button, making it easy peasy.

Keep your paper patterns intact, tracing off the size you need.  The pattern curve is great for quick tracing, helping you get accurate curves by moving the ruler to mimic the shape you are tracing.

The ultimate chalk pen from Prym.  It works just like a mechanical pencil, where you change the chalk colour to contrast with the fabric.  Even better though, the set includes a sharpener to fit the chalks perfectly, making it really easy to always have a fine, sharp point.

And last but not least, our own pencil.  There are 3 phrases: The Wee Fabric Shop  /  #Team Trace  /  It’ll be fine.  You’re pencil will be picked at random, if you do have a specific request, we will try our best, pop your message to us in the note/comment part when making your purchase.

  • Body Tape Measure
  • Pattern Curve
  • Tracing Paper, 5mtrs x 90cm wide
  • Wee Fabric Shop exclusive pencil
  • Chalk pen

If you were to purchase these products individually the total cost would be £ 32.50.    You are saving just over 10.5%, £3.50.


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