LED Needle Threader


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This LED needle threader, made of plum plastic, is the modern answer to the classic needle threaders – this threader directly includes the thread cutter and lighting. The top part of the mouse-shaped housing has a slider, which with the fine feather steel can be pushed in and out. In the opened position, a small LED lamp illuminates the pin, thread, and threader. A protected blade, used as a thread cutter, is located on the housing side. This has turned it into a popular aid at the professional and domestic sewing station. An additional tape allows the small eye to carry the LED needle threaders around the neck so that it is always handy. With its fine wire loop, it is ideal for fine yarn and hand sewing needles with a small eye.

  • Threaders for fine yarn and hand sewing needles with a small eye
  • Plastic housing with LED diode
  • Thread cutter
  • Eye for hanging
  • Lifespan of up to 30,000 hours during normal use
  • Prym #611125


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