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I used to be a plastic bottle! I am now a recycled cushion, toy and craft filling! A near white, lofty filling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are collected by waste companies who sort, clean and shred the used plastic bottles to a ‘washed flake’, state. The flakes are processed and fluffed to produce a clean, near white, fantastic bouncy polyester stuffing.

Makers who sell craft items and work with fillings, know it is a legal requirement to hold a record of the EN71-3 certificate to display in their makers safety file. Feel assured, our recycled filling meets all requirements needed.

  • When using TEASE the stuffing apart, it will be compact to fit in the bag.
  • A perfect bulky filler for cushions, toys and other large craft projects.
  • Fibre complies to BS5852 British flammability test, BS1425 British cleanliness certificate & EN71-3 European standards certificate.
  • 250g bag
  • Bag is recyclable


We contacted the manufacturer to ask about the bag the stuffing comes in …

The packaging is fully recyclable, but not biodegradable.

I tried really hard to find a bag made form fibre which could breakdown naturally.
I looked at paper- which crushed and looked dreadful after being packed. I sampled bio-degradable which caused two issues. Firstly it started to degrade on the shelf and secondly when this break down occurred  it emitted a very potent odour which made the filling smell foul.

I am still actively looking for the ideal packaging which would degrade into our environment. I have looked at seaweed, so many manufacturers have started using and ordering seaweed packaging, especially in food sales. This has caused limited availability and increased price. We must also consider what  effects using all the seaweed will have on our planet.

If you have any suggestions, I am always here to listen. I would like nothing better than to offer the recycled fibre in a biodegradable bag.


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