There's been a tragic fire in our building, currently we have no access to our shop and the stock isn't salvageable. It's early days and we have every hope to return, but this is going to be a long process. Bear with us while we work out where we go from here. Thank you for all your messages, they were lovingly received. Fiona & Marice

Navy Frilly Elastic



Frilly Elastic : use on knickers, bras, camicoles and vests.  Would make a beautiful trim on t-shirt necklines, very cut finish to kids clothing too.

When you apply it, stretch lightly whilst sewing with a zigzag stitch.    We love the quality of these, soft to touch, nice stretch and good recovery.

  • Navy
  • 75% polyester 25% latex
  • full width from frill edge to band 12mm
  • width of actual elastic 6mm
  • width of frill 6mm
  • SOLD by the METER

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