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Basic Skirt Block & Form Pattern Cutting


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Saturday 23rd March & 20th April 2024, 9am to 3pm – you need to attend both dates.

Helen Boor, who is a designer and pattern cutter, will be guiding you through the process of creating your unique Basic Skirt Block to natural waist and then Form Pattern Cutting an A Line skirt.   Appreciation must be made to the years of learning and training that actually goes into becoming a designer and pattern cutter.  Helen has worked in the industry for many years, this is a very short course, in its simplest form, for you to gain some insight and in no way can convey the years of learning undertaken.

These classes are over 2 sessions, the second is 4 weeks after, giving you plenty of time to complete homework.  It means that the time in class is used productively learning new skills and sewing up your skirt toile at home.

Week 1

  • Taking accurate measurements.
  • Block pattern – Plotting your basic skirt block to your unique measurements, this will be in centimeters, down to 0.01 of a cm so we will have pencils sharpened!
  • Working Pattern – Tracing your block to begin the pattern cutting element.
  • Final Pattern – Re-tracing your pattern, cutting A Line Skirt ready for you to create a Calico toile.


Sewing of your toile, A Line skirt, will be carried out at home, with the Calico provided.  You will be given a very basic guide to the construction of your skirt, as you will have previously sewn a skirt(s) so already understand how-to.  The skirt will have facings and a center back zip.  (No pockets at the moment).

You will be given a blank croquis for you to make sketches of skirt details you would like to add.   Patch pockets, waistband, lining, fly zips, yoke etc.  Unleash your inner fashion designer and have fun with it, grab some fabric samples too.  All of these will be discussed and if time allows, created in week 2.

Week 2

  • Looking at the fitting of each person’s skirt – making any adjustments – depending on how long this takes, determines how much time is left to ….
  • … create your own design features (as per your homework) making new pattern pieces for them and guidance how to achieve this, discussion around fabrics and construction.

2 in person sessions as well as remote support.  We will collectively set up a Whats App group, where you can ask questions, share progress etc for the duration of the sessions and for a few weeks afterwards whilst you make your skirt up in your preferred fabric, with your adaptations and design features. 

What’s included:

  • Worksheet for your measurements
  • brand new measuring tape
  • H2 pencil
  • Tracing Paper
  • Pattern Master Ruler – yours to keep
  • Calico
  • Concealed zip
  • You don’t need to bring anything in week 1, everything is provided for you.
  • In week 2 you return with all your pattern making pieces – block, working & final, finished toile and sketches, ideas, fabric samples.  Pencil, ruler & measurement chart, ready to use and adjust as necessary.


Creating a pattern block which can be used to make different styles of skirts. You will be pattern cutting an A Line skirt, creating a toile at home in Calico, fitting issues will be looked at in week 2 and further learning of how to create extra pattern pieces such as for lining, pockets etc – as time allows in the second week.  Support via a Whats App group during week 1 and 2,  and for a few weeks after week 2, in the hope you go on to create your skirt design in your chosen fabric.

Skill Level: You will have sewn garments, and gathered knowledge of construction.  Ready for the next level challenge of creating a block unique to you, with which you can create numerous styles of skirts.  Confident sewing is needed as you will be doing this at home and basic knowledge is required.  If you are unsure please do get in touch to discuss with us.

Lunch is not provided, please bring along something, alternatively we are next to Anchor Cafe and hopefully re-opening soon Utopia as well as a Nisa shop.  Tea and coffee is in abundance.

  • Class size: 3 people
  • Age 18 years plus
  • Tutor: Helen : To view Helen’s Bio click here.
  • Session takes place in the studio space at The Wee Fabric Shop, 21 Tomatin Road, Inverness. IV2 4UA
  • Saturday 20th March & 23rd April, 9am to 3pm – you need to attend both dates.

IMPORTANT : From 2021, classes are no longer refundable. There is a lot of work to be done before you arrive at your class. Preparation and time, materials sourced and paid for, fabrics cut to size, instructions written / printed out, thread matched, bobbins wound, and Tutors paid. Class sizes are small and everything is costed. For this reason we are also unable to transfer your place to another class. You may send someone in your place, just let us know their name and contact details in advance please. If you are unable to attend, do contact us as soon as possible 01463 263007, with exceptional circumstances we may be able to arrange something but this is not part of the booking terms and conditions.


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