Microtex Sewing Machine Needles


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The “Microtex” sewing machine needle with a flat piston is particularly suitable for processing superfine, modern materials such as microfibres, polyester, coated materials or fabrics with a high number of threads. Thanks to the very sharp, slim point, the needle penetrates the tissue extremely easily – the result is an optimal, “straight” stitch, the fibers are not damaged. In addition, a clean seam appearance with little seam puckering is achieved. The “Microtex” sewing machine needles impress with their top quality, are superbly processed and, with their flat-piston design, fit into all commercially available sewing machines. The practical supply pack contains five needles in sizes 60, 70 and 80.

  • For modern, fine or tightly woven fabrics (neoprene, microfibre fabrics, etc.)
  • Very pointed, slim tip shape
  • Needle size 60, 70, 80
  • Can be used in all standard sewing machines
  • Prym #152940
  • 100% Steel


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