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Inari Dress & Crop Tee




Named is a family business from Finland, started by sisters Saara and Laura in 2013 and remains a small, three-person company run by the founding pair, employing one person.  “We started our own pattern brand out of a simple passion for making clothes and sustainable fashion. We wanted to create patterns that encourage and excite more people to try sewing their own clothes and challenge them to think about their own relationship to fashion and consuming fashion.”

The Inari dress and crop tee are easy, loose-fitting wardrobe staples. The dress features crisp, turned-up T-shirt sleeves, and its neckline is finished with a facing. The side seams of the dress curve slightly towards the front and emphasize the beautiful, uneven hem and the side slits. The cropped tee has casual long sleeves and a sporty neckband. You can also mix and match elements, such as the sleeve length and neckline finish, from one variation to the other!


In addition to sewing instructions with diagrams, the instruction booklet also contains a size chart with measurement instructions, basic information on how to prepare your materials, mark your pieces and sew, as well as cutting plans for different sizes and fabric widths. The required amounts of fabric and other materials as well as the finished garment measurements are printed on the back cover of the package.


Use a medium or heavy weight knit fabric with approximately 30 – 50% stretch. For example sweatshirting, ponte, tracksuit fabric, or similar. The samples are made of sweatshirting and tracksuit fabric.

  • Keep your pattern in one piece and trace your size, use our 90cm wide tracing paper … You’ll find it here



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