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Reusable Gift Bag

Ditch the wrapping paper and start a new tradition of fabric wraps, to pass around your family & friends.

Using any of your fabric, you can pick out ‘Christmassy’ colours but anything will do. You could even sew all your scraps together.

Alternatively sew all your scraps together. Find ribbons and trims, something from your Granny’s box, if you are making family ones is nice.

Embroider your name and date each year, filling the wrap with a history of giving.

Begin with a rectangle and a length of ribbon.

Fold over one of the longer edges – I do this by eye so it’s really fast – but if you want to measure use a 1/4″. Iron and fold over again – creating a double fold.

Stitch the fold in place. Get creative here, use any stitch, add a trim … if you’re worried about sewing in a straight line, then use a zigzag.

Fold you ribbon in half, place the fold where you woud like it, at least an inch or 2 down from the sewn top hem.

Pin the fold to the short side.

Fold the bag in half, right sides inside, bringing the 2 short sides together. Pop a couple pins in. Start sewing the bottom hem, beginning at the fold and pivoting the corner and up to the top hem. Double back where the ribbon is to secure it.

Snip your threads. Your inner seams may fray depending on your fabric. To finish them use (a) pinking shears (b) overlock (c) sew a zigzag in the hem or (d) sew french seams. Turn the right way out … And that’s it! FINISHED.

As usual we have a little SUPPLY KIT you can buy from us … it has some fabrics and ribbons to get you going. Or a RIBBON ONLY supply kit HERE.