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Liberty Hair Scrunchie ~ Mini Makes

Have you made scrunchies before? Sewing a tube and threading elastic through it? This is different … nice easy way and you don’t have to hand sew if that’s not your thing.

Out of a fat quarter you can make 4 scrunchies, by cutting them into 4 strips around 22″ wide by 4.5″ (up to 5″) wide. 8″ elastic, or less, for each scrunchie.

You can buy the LIBERTY supply kit from us here.

OR the Dashwood Studios Kids forest / polar animals supply kit here.

Pin and stitch the elastic to the short ends of your fabric.

Fold the fabric in half lengthways, right sides together. Start and end sewing 2 inches from each end.

Turn the tube right sides out, the elastic magically goes inside!

Now we’re going to sew the 2 short ends together. Don’t worry if the elastic doesn’t match up here. Pin the ends right sides together and sew. Fold under a hem (iron if you wish) pin and either machine or hand sew the gap closed.

Taa Daah — this is easy peasy. You could even first sew scraps of fabrics together to make a patchwork scrunchie, using up all your scraps!

Check out this Youtube video for instructions by Sew Very Easy.