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Clam Decoration (The perfect re-usable Easter Egg)

Definitely my new favourite thing to sew. A fabric, RE-USABLE Easter Egg. Which you can re-fill to your heart’s belly’s content.

Here’s what you need to make your own:-

  • Fabric for outer
  • Fabric for inside
  • Decovil
  • Bondaweb
  • Ribbon
  • Optional: pimp your egg with buttons, beads, trims

This project I found on the Vlieseline (previously known as Vilene) website. You can download pattern and instructions here.

If you have not used decovil before then this a fantastic little project to have a go. Mainly used by bag makers, with it’s leather like form, decovil really holds it shape. Tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore it is resilient, resistant to bending, punchable and the cutting edges stay tight. Thereby the fixed fabrics are good to handle and very stable and durable. Ideally suited for the creation of hats, belts, bags and small fabric bowls, but also, for interior decoration. It’s an iron on stabiliser, the shiny side is the glue. Suitable for cotton, decorative and synthetic fabrics. Machine wash 30o.

** At time of writing this, we stock Decovil in a pre-pack sheet size of 45cm x 50cm, if you love it as much as we do, we will look at stocking Decovil on the roll. Which would mean a 90cm width by whatever length you would like.

Download instructions to make your Easter Egg

We would LOVE to see your makes! Fiona & Marice xx

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Sustainabilty at The Wee Fabric Shop

100% recycled polyester thread.

When we first laid plans for opening The Wee Fabric Shop, back in October 2017, one of the most important issues for us was to be an environmentally conscious business. We began with the obvious one of not buying in plastic bags. Purchasing items in bulk meant less packaging not only for us but you, it helped our carbon footprint with fewer delivies, this was, and still is tough, being a small business. We don’t have huge budgets of buying power but we are making our views known with what we purchase. Products which are good quality and built to last.

  • Our PAPER BAGS are made from recycled paper
  • We have ready made CLOTH TOTE BAGS made from upcycling old duvets or curtains. Time constraints though, mean we do not always have a supply ready made and offer free pre-cut fabric to make your own tote.
  • NO PRINTED RECEIPTS, we send electronically (optional) or hand write upon request.
  • Our ‘plastic’ CELLO BAGS we package our kits in are made from Corn Starch
  • Paper MAILING BAGS and parcel tapes are biodegradable
  • Customers drop off unwanted POLY POCKETS which we re-use for our student class notes
  • PATTERN SWAPS, every 3 months we hold pattern swaps, for you to share your unloved patterns.
  • Approximately 3/4 of our fabric stock is OEKO TEX standard, we are constantly aiming higher with this.
  • In the process of changing our SATIN RIBBON to newlife ribbon, made completely from plastic waste.
  • Replacing our Sew All threads with rPET 100% RECYCLED THREAD where available.
  • Our INTERFACING manufacturer is introducing 100% recycled polyester rolls, we already have some in stock.