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Wrist Pin Cushion Pattern

When I’m sewing I get a bit absent minded … concentrating on my creation and not where I’m putting things! Back in 2014, when I started teaching, I had to get out of the habit of holding pins in my mouth …not only was it dangerous ~ I could accidently swallow one ~ but totally unhygenic too!

I came up with this wrist pin cushion pattern, using a milk bottle top to stop the pins from pricking me!

I’ve recently updated it a little, so here’s the new version of the pattern.

You’ll need some fabric, a milk bottle top, stuffing and velcro. There’s a little machine sewing but mainly hand sewing, there’s no reason that you couldn’t make the entire project by hand though.

We would love to see your versions … Have fun and happy Sewing! … Marice & Fiona xx