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Little kids game ~ Mini Makes

Cute wee game cards which you can easily make, even without sewing.

Creating little felt squares with the cutest characters from Dashwood Studios Winter range, Snow Much Fun.

Play snap, a memory game, make up a story or invent your own game.


1 Fat Quarter of Snow Much Fun

1 Fat Quarter of Red Felt

50cm Bondaweb

(You can buy the supply kit from us, click here.)

Select some of your fabric and cut out.

Lay ontop of the bondaweb and cut out a piece the same size. Iron the bondaweb to the reverse of the fabric. (The rough side of the bondaweb is the glue, so need to place the glue against the back of the fabric)

Once cool, using a pin, score the bondaweb. This makes it much easier to peel of the backing paper.

Cut into squares. Place on top of the felt and cut a square around 0.5cm larger all around.

To make the fabric adhere to the felt, you need to iron it. Place a spare piece of fabric on top first so as not to burn / melt your felt. Trim the edges so that they are square.

Woo hoo! Ready to play.

Optional: Sew a blanket or decorative stitch around edge of fabric but not necessary, and trim your threads.

This is a free pattern but if you would like to make a donation of just £3 to support our business, it really does helps to keep us going. (click here)

In normal circumstances we would be holding sewing classes to make these projects with you. Not being able to do so, we have lost a massive part of our income. We appreciate times are tough for everyone, not just for independent businesses, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Fiona & Marice xx