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Christmas Stocking

You will need …

  • 30cm Christmas Fabric for the main stocking
  • 25cm cuddle fleece (or plain fabric in white/cream) for stocking top.
  • 50cm plain colour cotton for lining
  • 1mtr pompom trim (or xmas trim / ribbon)
  • 50cm ribbon for hanging loop
  • felt square and fabric for pocket (optional)
  • TEMPLATE – click on each letter to print out A B C D E F

Finished SIZE: LENGTH (measuring down the centre 16″ / 40.5cm. WIDTH (narrowest part across middle) 10″ / 25cm.

Assemble your template as per photo, stick together and cut out template. When cutting fabric **only cut your outside fabric, being the xmas and the cuddle fleece using your template.

**You need 1 left and 1 right – you have to reverse the template (flip over).

Align the straight edge of the stocking top to the Xmas fabric and pin. Sew with the fleece on the bottom, its less likely to stretch out this way BUT if the fluff is getting stuck in your machine then sew with it on top.

Flip the top up and repeat with the other side of the stocking.

Add the red pompom trim. If you have a zipper foot, you may find it easier to use it here, so you can sew close the flat part of the trim to the stocking. I didnt use any pins here, just took my time, making sure the trim was running under the foot.

I have used my normal sewing foot but moved my needle as far to the left as it can go.

Try not to catch the pompoms and best sewn in red thread.

Sew your pompoms to the other side too. If you would like to add any additional trims, the pocket or maybe a heel to your stocking do this now before the stocking and linings are sewn together.

The pocket is a left over square from the kids game, an earlier mini. The fabric was cut square and sewn to the felt square with a blanket stitch. Use any stitches you like. Once you have created the pocket, sew it on down one side, along then up, leaving the top open for a wee note.

Use the front of your stockings as templates to cut the linings. Again you need a left and right one. Place the cut lining ontop of the correspending front, pin the top curve and stitch together.

It will not lie flat at the curve where you have joined them. Double check the toes are both pointing the same way and repeat with the other half.

Fold the ribbon in half. Copy how I have placed the ribbon. The loop, folded end , is to the inside of the stocking. The 2 ends sticking out over the stocking edge and at an angle. Stitch to hold in place, close to the edge of the stocking, so that you wont see the stitches when you join the stocking together.

Time to sew it all together. Lie the front and back of the stockings on top of each other. Pin, making sure you line up the top together and where the pompom trim is. Leave a gap of about 4 or 5 inches in the side of the lining, just below the cuddle fleece. Sew the whole way around, leaving the gap open, of course.

Snip into the curves of the boot, both the lining and the outer xmas fabric too. This will help with the shape of the stocking, you will be able to iron it into a nice curve once pulled through the gap, to the right side.

Give the gap another iron and sew this closed. I prefer to hand stitch this but machine close to the edge if you like. Push the lining into the stocking and you are finished.

Fabulous work! Hope you enjoyed making this.

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