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Faux Sheepskin Slipper Boots

Make your own cosy sheepskin style slipper boots using a free pattern from Wee Fab favourite Tilly & The Buttons……….

With the chillier nights closing in it’s time to start thinking about snuggling up in cosy jammies and soft fluffy slippers. This free pattern from Tilly & The Buttons is an easy, speedy project that makes a great gift or present to yourself. As usual the instructions and pattern are really easy to follow and there are lots of pictures to help you along.

You will need (shop the supply kit here):

  • 35cm* main fabric (we used our scuba suede)
  • 35cm* cuddle fleece
  • 1 pack of anti-slip grip fabric
  • Wadding (we used Style-Vil memory foam)
  • Pattern and instructions available here.
  • * Tilly’s instructions say 30cm but I found this to be a little tight for the bigger sizes

To create the faux sheepskin look I sewed the toe panel/front panel and side seams on the main fabric only wrong sides together making an exposed seam. Then trimmed the seam allowance to about 1/4″ and finished using an overcast stitch on my machine. You can also finish with a zig zag stitch or overlocker if you have one.

Finished outer boot ready for sole and lining. I used the anti-slip grip fabric for the outer sole instead of the main fabric.

Click here to go to Tilly & the Buttons Instructions and to download the pattern.