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Unsponge ~ eco living

The unsponge meaning: Unsponges are little reusable sponges made from natural cloth. Used on kitchen bench tops to wipe up spills, wash dishes and to clean sinks or stoves.

I’ve made a few different cleaning clothes or sponge alternatives over the years and this is by far my favourite.

Supplies: For my trial versions I used off cuts of jute from our shop display pumpkins and double gauze (muslin) I used for a top I’d made. We do sell the Jute and double gauze in the shop, you can purchase a little kit here to get you started.

(You can purchase a supply kit here)

You can make these any size you’d like, to get the most out of my offcuts, I cut 2 jute and 3 muslin 4″ x 6″.

Layer up, pin to hold, then leaving a around a 2″ gap in the side, sew around. Use a generous seam allowance, at least half an inch, as the jute frays easily and we want to be able to catch the seam, to sew it closed successfully.

Trim the seams near the corners, it’s quick thick so we want to lessen the bulk there. Turn through the gap, pressing out your corners – be careful not to poke a hole. Give a quick press (iron).

This isn’t a precise sew, the jute and gauze have lots of movement in them. These are sponges, they’re going to be out through their paces, we just want secure sewing.

Stitch twice going around the perimeter. The one nearest the edge will be also closed the turning gap, so the closer you can go, the better.

The second row is going to be much further towards the centre.

By all means put as much sewing into this as you like and be creative! Do shapes if you like.

I’ve used mine for a few weeks now. I like how they can scrub a pan. Get chucked in the washing machine. I wouldn’t tumble dry, line dry or pop on the radiator as it’s winter here now.

After prolonged use, I’m not expecting it to last forever, as far as I am aware … you can chop into bits and compost as they are natural fibres.

Happy eco living !

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