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Advent Calendar

Written by : Marice

We have had a fabric advent calendar for as long as I can remember. Every year it has been filled with chocolate coins. I never could find items to pop in the pockets that was throw away tat!

Whilst there are specialist fabric panels to create your own memorable advent, I thought I’d have a go at creating one for the shop, using a little Christmas fabric from the shop stock and also from my home scrap basket.

Having no real plan of what to do, I decided that I should begin with creating 24 pockets. Choosing 4 Christmas fabrics from the shop, I cut 4 quantity 6cm (2.5″) x the width of the fabric (wof) strips. At £9 / mtr it came in at £2.16 for them. They cut into 6cm squares, 6 of each colour, giving me the 24 I wanted.

In my stash I had navy cotton, enough to back all of the squares. To save time, I lay the fabric right side down, not cutting out the navy fabric. I sewed around, using a 1/4″ (6mm) seam allowance and leaving enough of a gap at the bottom to turn the pocket to the right side. Trimming the corners and the backing fabric all at the same time.

Turn the pocket the right way out, pulling it through the gap you left. Carefully push the corners out, my favourite tool for this is our sewing gauge. It has a multitude of uses. Make sure the fabric is neatly tucked in at the gap, and press.

I’ll be adding to this blog post as I continue, deciding on background colour and shape of calandar, this’ll probably depend on what fabric you have in your stash.